Pokemon Halloween Costume – Zubat / Dark Cave

I thought I’d try and make the scariest possible costume for Halloween this year. Keep in mind that basically no one takes a Max Repel or Escape Rope with them to a Halloween party. So I bought 8 plush Zubat Pokemon dolls and sadly had to cut off all their tags and pinned them to my hooded jacket. The costume was far heavier than I had anticipated but people liked it and said it was very scary.

Zubat Costume Dark Cave Cosplay

I’d had this costume idea for months, I almost wore it to video game themed nightclub event but was worried drunk people might try and steal my Zubat dolls so I went as Ash instead. I might wear the Zubat costume to PAX Australia next year, but will not enter any cosplay competitions. Cosplay isn’t really my thing.