Kung Fu Bus Driver / Mortal Kombat




Mortal Kombat Kung Fu Bus Driver


A few weeks ago I posted some pictures of a bus driver stretching on my Facebook in my “Pics I stole off the internet” folder and they got a few hundred likes each and people thought I had taken them myself. A few days later they went viral and everyone kept messaging me about it but it was just a repost I’d just happened to get onto early (my friend Julia told me to post them). Facebook doesn’t seem to make super clear what folders things are in anymore. Anyway. I did put this picture together. Wasn’t sure whether to change his name or not / was too lazy to find the right fonts etc. Kung Lao will do as people seem to refer to him as “Kung fu bus driver” on other sites anyway. The picture is from Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Chose that particular screen shot because it fit the picture the best out of the random image search pictures.