Super Mario Figure Collection (Donkey Kong)

Donkey Kong Figure Collection

I like the Popco/Ban Presto 5 inch “Super Mario Figure Collection” figures, It has been a pretty long time since Nintendo have had a proper action figure series available at regular retails stores.

When they first came out in Australia (stamped as Nintendo BP. 2008 China) they cost $19.95 at Kmart stores and I think Gametraders stores were either the same or a bit more I didn’t bother getting them as I knew I could get the Japanese Ban Presto Prize Collection versions cheaper on ebay / private forums / anime stores. So I bought some off a Palgn forum member for a price similar to Ebay’s sets and the rest from a shop in Melbourne. But then Kmart reduced the set to $15 each so I bought a Mario, Luigi and Yoshi a while ago (they had lots of Luigi and Toads left over, but no Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong has been pretty hard to get, I noticed this ages ago and considered buying one for full price one of the few times I saw one for sale, but didn’t. Anyway I finally got one for $15 and now I’m just waiting to get a Toad (which won’t be too hard, just waiting to see if there’s a further price drop or toy sale coming up).

My older figure is actually in pretty bad shape, it came with its plastic bag sort of broken and its face looks a bit squashed and there is red paint on it from his tie that makes him look injured. This is a bit of a problem for the Japanese figures, I’ve seen others in shops that look a bit squashed. I think my pink Yoshi figure is a bit squashed too actually.

face is a bit caved in

face is a bit caved in