Raving Rabbids Soccer Statue

These came out a month or two prior to the 2010 World Cup for Soccer. They were originally around $15 but I got this on sale for $8 from GAME. I think they may have even cleared them out for as low as $4 but I can’t remember. I guess since most people who like soccer video games seem to be pretty casual gamers who don’t collect toys or perhaps they are not too familiar with the Rabbids since most people seem to use Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles which have not seen near as many Rabbid games as the Wii has.

It is also possible that people saw sticking the Australian flag on it as being tacky, since it now looks more like a cheap tourist souvenir item rather than a serious collectable.

However the figure/ statue itself seems to be of a pretty good quality and material.

Being made by Ubisoft it is probably available with other flags on it in other soccer playing countries since French people seem to like soccer. I guess that has a lot to do with why this unusual cross promotion / tie in / cash grab exists. I like it regardless. I wish I could get more big statues so cheap.