Overlord Powered fake Spiderman truck

For some reason rather than just sticking to regular shoddy bootleg figures, the Asian factories that make them seem to love adding spiderman stickers onto every preexisting vehicle toy they have the moulds for.

I suppose it is much easier to just use existing moulds to make these toys than casting new ones for unique spiderman figures, but really? I massive 2 ft truck? Maybe it is to scale with the normal figures, this truck is really quite big for a toy.

I can’t even imagine why on earth Spiderman would want a giant truck with his name and photo plastered all over it when I imagine New York City would be far too busy for a truck to be a particularly useful mode of transport. Not to mention that spiderman usually just swings from building to building on his webs, which is much faster than driving or walking. So I don’t think he would benefit too much from the “overlord powered” “Super Speed” promised on the packaging. Whatever that means.