Super Mario Bros 3 1989 McDonald’s Toys

1989 Mario Mcdonalds Toys

I was born in 1988 and these toys came out in 1989. I have had these since I was a kid but I’m sure I actually remember getting these toys, even though I was very young. So perhaps they came out here a while after they did in America or something. It is also possible that my dad got me these in America or something.

I have two each of Mario and Luigi and only 1 Goomba. I am missing the Koopa Troopa figure.

Mario is in his Super Mario Bros 3 Raccoon suit and like in the game, this toy can “Fly” for short periods of time, but instead of by running and holding jump, you get to push down on his head and a suction cup + spring combination shoots mario into the air moments later. It seems kind of dangerous really, I’m sure I remember shooting myself in the face with this when I was younger. I have another one that I removed the spring from years ago so it would be more of a figure than a weird floating man on a spring. I lost the spring from that toy so I didn’t include it in the photo.

Luigi is a pullback toy that does travels drives around all over the place in a strange pattern. I have two of these as well but one is a bit beat up.

The Goomba was always my favourite of the set, pushing its head forward makes a little suction cup stick to its feet and then a moment later it does some kind of crazy flip. It doesn’t land on its feet but I recall trying to make it do that years ago, or perhaps it used to do a proper flip but does’t land properly anymore. I’m not sure.

I probably should have taken photos of all of them but the extras aren’t much to look at.