Bionicle of War 2 – Fake Gears of War figures

I found these fake Gears of War 2 action figures at the Reject Shop at Highpoint shopping centre on the weekend, very cheap at $2 each. They are called Bionicle of War 2 figures but have the same names as the characters from Gears of War. They are much smaller than the official Gears of War toys, similar to typical Star Wars action figures.


Marcus Fenix appears to have a Hammer of Dawn and Longshot Sniper Rifle plus some kind of giant ammo belt that probably doesn’t fit him.
Dominic Santiago with a Lancer


Boomer – for some reason he has a Torque Bow and Hammerburst instead of a Boomshot rocket launcher. He also seems to have a giant helmet or something.

Locust Drone with something that looks a bit like a Hammerburst but I’m not sure what it is and a sword… And giant helmet thing.

Grenadier Beast Rider with Scorcher Flamethrower and grenades… Not sure what the other thing is.

COG Soldier appears to come with a shotgun, sword and body armour. I don’t think those swords are in the games.

Here is the back of the packaging