Paul Christoforo and the Avenger N-Controller

I’ve actually been considering getting the Avenger N-Controller adapter for the Xbox 360 for a while now. There are certain games where I find having to take my left thumb off the left thumb-stick to press on the D-pad to change weapons in Gears of War 3 have slowed me down when I quickly needed to get out my shotgun to blast an enemy at close range.

I think I recall changing my controls in some of the older Halo games as well whilst trying to find the best way to be able to quickly melee enemies without having to take my right tumb off the right stick.

I think with one of these controllers, I’d be able to maybe do these sorts of maneuvers better and I wouldn’t be surprised if half the people I play against online are already using them, since they seem to do this type of stuff without any problem at all.

Well, my order (which I haven’t placed yet) has sort of been postponed by a huge controversy caused by Paul Christoforo who has done a great job at ruining the reputation of his client and his own name. Here is a link to an article I wrote about Paul Christoforo for Social Media Overflow / The Twemps blog.