Nintendo World Store New York – Pokemon Center

The bottom floor of the Nintendo World Store in New York is mostly Pokemon related items. Lots of Pokemon cards, plush toys etc. I bought a fair few cards here, they were much cheaper than elsewhere. I probably didn’t take enough photos down here compared to what I took up stairs. I will post pictures of upstairs later.

Here is a slightly blurry picture from above the Pokemon Center at the Nintendo World Store in New York. The shelves in the middle are all Pokemon Cards. Behind the counter they have the limited edition Pokemon Black and White DSi console bundles for about $180 USD each, they come with the corresponding game and a case. The back wall has DVDS and to the right you can see DS and Wii games ect. The wall on the left is mostly toys and shirts.

Nintendo World Store Pokemon Center ground floor
The big circular area in the middle of the room has Pokemon games set up for people to play around with. I bet people trade all the good Pokemon to their own consoles from there, that’s a pretty good idea actually. If you have a few hours to kill you can get the starter Pokemon and play through long enough to trade them to yourself on your own console. The 3DS consoles set up at the back of the room mostly have Mario Kart 7 set up on them. I got a lot of Street Pass hits from these, I think. The Entrance is in the top right corner.

This is me with a big Pikachu statue they have in there somewhere.

This is what it looks like when you are walking towards the Pokemon Center.

Here are a bunch of Pokemon Black and White plush dolls, they are cute and awesome etc.

Here is the back wall of the Nintendo World Store New York Pokemon Center. It features screens advertising the new Pokepark 2 Wonders Beyond Wii game. I have never actually played the first game in that series, but I do own it. I’d better try it out some time. There are also plush Pokemon dolls, Pokemon shirts and these cool little Pokemon figurines that I’ve not seen anywhere else (except at Epcot) and here they were only $5 each or five for $20. I should have got some, they had figures that haven’t been released in other sizes elsewhere such as Kyurem.