Big NES game collection + Power Glove + GB Micro & More!

this was like christmas to open

this was like christmas to open

This arrived for me in the mail yesterday. Ordered Equinox (SNES game), about 10 NES games + the Power Glove from a guy on PALGN last year. Most of them were either classics or games that were compatible with the light gun or Power Glove. I think I Paid around $100 AUS for the lot including postage. But then the guy disappeared for about 8 months and I couldn’t get hold of him. Then a week or two ago he contacted me and was very, very apologetic and had some sort of personal issues that distracted him from being able to send it. I was really amazed to hear back from him and had long since given up hope on receiving this.

Because he felt so bad about not replying to my emails / private messages and everything he sent me a bunch of awesome extras. such as Eternal Darkness on Gamecube (been after this game for a decent price for ages… and now I got it for free). Then he also gave me a sealed Gameboy Micro 20th anniversary limited edition version which he said he originally paid $120 for ages ago. This was great because this is the only model of gameboy I do not own other than the DSi. Being complete in box is awesome too because I’ve wanted to get a sealed console for a while and being a special edition is even better. Only problem is that I can’t actually play it because its in this box and I don’t want to ruin its collectors value by opening it. But maybe I’ll get another Gameboy Micro one day for playing with.

He also gave me another 20 or more NES games. Over 30 in total. A lot fo them are pretty average sounding titles but there’s some cool ones in there. Its good because I have a lot of the good games already and probably wouldn’t have come across the rest of these otehrwise.

He also gave me Super Mario World which I’d been after for ages (almost bought it ages ago but then put it back because I was’t sure if it was included in my Super Mario Allstars collection or not)

Wonderboy on Sega Master System

a few bootleg nes games

a NES and a SNES region converter so I can play NTSC games

Smash Hit Pak, Pele’s Soccer and Asteroids for Atari 2600

2 reproduced NES boxes (for Super Mario Bros + Duck Hunt and Mario + Duck Hunt + World Class Track Meet) and their manuals + a poster

here is the full list of NES games:

this looks like an ebay auction

this looks like an ebay auction

  • Mach Rider
  • Super Mario Bros + Duck Hunt + World Class Track Meet
  • Turbo Racing
  • Kid Icarus (for my friend who was getting this posted with me to save on postage, but has since sold his NES so he said I can keep it)
  • World Champ
  • Track & Field II (you can use the light gun for this I think)
  • Robo Warrior
  • Robocop 2
  • Lunar Pool
  • Sword Master
  • NES Open Tournament Golf
  • Power Blade
  • Arch Rivals
  • Iron Sword (Wizards and Warriors II)
  • Zelda II the Adventure of Link
  • Star Wars
  • T2 Terminator 2 Judgement Day
  • High Speed (Pinball by Rare)
  • Super Mario Bros 2 (I since bought this game elsewhere when I gave up hope)
  • Super Mario Bros 3 (I since bought this as well)
  • Super Mario Bros + Duck Hunt (Already had this, but I have a spare light gun so I I guess they can be a pare)
  • Punch Out
  • Solstice
  • Puznic
  • Digger T Rock
  • Burai Fighter
  • Rainbow Islands
  • To The Earth
  • Top Gun
  • Fighting Golf
  • Double Dragon III
  • R.C.Pro-AM
  • Chiller (HES game)
  • Batman II (NTSC bootleg)
  • SkyKid (NTSC bootleg)
  • Cam

    gooood as. i didn’t know you were into getting nes games. i have about 40 or so now. definitely jealous of the power glove though. i have 2 atari 2600s as well. you ended up getting a freaking good deal for 100 bucks lol. it was worth the wait.