Shopping 11/06/09 Hanimex console, FC Mobile Gamecube, NES, SNES and Atari games

hanimex console fc mobile and gamecube and nes games

Hanimex console + 3 games + the FC Mobile (portable NES player) about $110 from trading forum as well as 2 n64 mem cards (thought i was getting official ones but they are not… hopefully they work ok)

Both of the console work well.

Tales of Symphonia for Gamecube $50 + free voodoo vince doll from PALGN, had to travel really far to get this. Played this game a LOT since I got it. Really cool RPG with interesting real time battle system.
ET for atari $8 (meant to be the worst game ever, many copies of this were destroyed because no one would buy it because it was so bad)
Mario Bros on atari $8 (i ordered it off ebay ages ago but it never arrived so i bought it again)
Pokemon Colluseum $15
Star Wars Rebel Strike $10
Mystical Ninja 2 $10 (bargain!)
Light up PS2 store display sign (bit wobbly but it works) $25 (pretty expensive but its not easy to find store display stuff)
also got these for $8
Super Star Wars on SNES with box, no manual
Zelda 2 with a case and manual
Duck Tales complete

and then also got a Madden football game for free from PALGN

Very expensive day.