Pokemon Dark Explorers prerelease

Geelong deck came first out of about 12-15 it is professor juniper who is covered by a glare. Didn’t sort these out for the photo as I was in a hurry to get remove them from the sleeves for the Melbourne event. Best cards were Entei Ex, Chancey, Blissy, Umbreon and Torkoal and the trainers were good too.

Won all my rounds with this today, I think the other was easier to run, I didn’t get much draw power and relied on type advantage mostly. Excadrill and Kyogre Ex were my most useful. Plusle and Minun saved the day a few times too. Only got Aerodactyl out once the whole day using the stadium, had better luck with old amber yesterday. Very glad I put in excadrill, had better dark cards but figured the 3 most used types were dark, electric and colourless so I needed a high HP one that could do big damage.