My name is Keith and I collect video games and merch. I’m mostly interested in older Nintendo stuff but collect a bit of everything. I’m too busy to post on here very often, but sporadically go through phases where I post things.

  • http://www.whohasswag.com cbuckner

    Great collection Keith, you should consider sharing it over at http://www.whohasswag.com!

  • Josh

    Hi, nice collection you have there, i collect as well.

    do you get a lot from PALGN?

    nice bargain on the Final Fantasy’s btw :)

    my best bargain was either a Boxed complete NES for $45 or a Game Gear with Manual, battery Pack 3 games (one with manual) and a carry case for $20

  • Emma

    Wheres the rest? or do you only collect NES stuff?
    Cash converters sucks! I would be lucky for them to offer 5$ for a ps1 FF game, but they sell them for over 50$.
    The best finds are the lucky ones :)

  • carlos

    “Fake Gears of War figures”

    I have been looking for theses every where! I can’t find them in the US. Do you think you could sell me a set via E-bay or something?

    • Keith Nallawalla

      I just sent you a message on Facebook, sorry for the late reply!

  • Alex


    I noticed that you posted about a set of things you bought, one of which was a Voodoo Vince doll.
    I am a massive, massive fan of this game, and managed to find someone who has it.
    If you still have it, would you be interested in selling it?

    • Alex

      Sorry, I wasn’t too clear; I meant the doll. Would you be interested in selling it?

      • http://www.facebook.com/keith.nallawalla Keith Nallawalla

        I still have it… I haven’t seen it around in a while. 

        • Alex

          Thanks for replying. Would you be interested in selling it, though?

          • http://www.facebook.com/keith.nallawalla Keith Nallawalla

            I’ve heard that there’s only about 100 of these in the world and that they are highly sought after by the few people who actually played the game. I’d always planned to get the game, but because it wasn’t Xbox 360 compatible I never bothered as my Xbox is used to hold up some other consoles in a big pile. I think I should probably give the game a go before I know if I wanted to get rid of it or not. 1 sold on eBay about a year ago I believe, did you see that? 

          • Alex

            I did, but caught it just too late. I was really frustrated :(. 
            I absolutely love the game. I own every piece of Vince merchandise, the game, the soundtrack, and the original magazine he was featured in. I’ve made 3 dolls of him, but cannot match the official one exactly. This is the last item in my collection, and it would be awesome to finally complete it.Price is completely up to you.

          • Alex

            I’m sorry if I’m being a pest, but this would really make my day. 
            As I said, price is completely up to you, I’m really quite desperate. I’ve searched high and low, but the loyal fans just won’t part with their dolls. 
            If you would sell it to me, it’d be a massive favour.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thoMzAU Tommy De Rose

    Hey Keith, Great collection.. are you a male or female?

  • Johnnyrocket

    I saw  your gamecube list of sale items. I’d like to get the Lost Kingdoms 2. My daughter has been looking around for it. Contact me with a price.

  • no one ever

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  • Brendos

    hey, do you still have resident evil 1 for the ps1? can you give me a price?