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I just really like Bacon Deluxe Burgers from Hungry Jack’s OK?

Keith with Hungry Jacks Bacon Deluxe


On my Facebook page there’s some kind of joke going about how I really like Bacon Deluxe burgers from Hungry Jack’s. Well I guess it’s not really a joke because they are probably my favourite burger ever and I’m sure I eat them more than once a week and have a habit of posting pictures of me eating them sometimes. Above is a photo of me holding my first Bacon Deluxe Burger of 2013. The first of many. I made this photo to commemorate that special moment. The photo got over 200 likes as well which wasn’t too shabby.

Keith Bacon Deluxe eyes

Above is picture of me that I pasted on top of a picture of a cat against an optical illusion that I saw in my Facebook news feed. I figured it would probably look better if I switched the head for mine and added Bacon Deluxe burgers over my eyes. I thought maybe this picture would make a good cover photo and would encourage people to buy them for me. It didn’t really work though. Someone bought me a McFlurry recently but that’s totally different.

McDonalds Hamburglar unemployed

This picture was made with two uses in mind, the initial Instagram photo for the POW! Fridays Instagram account to promote a dress up night in 2012 (can’t remember what theme it was) and then also to go with my article about the Hungry Jack’s Makes It Better App for iPhone and Android. I wrote that article a while ago but haven’t shared it or this picture on Facebook yet, I’ll do that today, hopefully people understand it. The joke is to do with how a lot of the old McDonald’s mascots are all gone and that the Hamburglar is now unemployed and uses the Hungry Jack’s app to get his burgers. I guess it’s kind of like a political cartoon but in a photo. Political cartoons aren’t really that funny. Oh well.

I didn’t choose the thug life – Ash from Pokemon

thug life ash meme

Today I saw this caption “I didn’t choose the thug life – The thug life said I choose you” and on another image and thought this picture of my Ash costume from a Nintendo / Video Game themed dress up night would suit it well. I am so ASHamed of myself for making this and posting it online. I originally posted this photo saying something about how I didn’t know which Pikachu to take, I ended up taking none of them because I didn’t want to carry it around all night / lose it.

Sora, Tingle, Ash, Gary Oak Cosplay



Here’s a pic of me with my friends dressed as Sora, Tingle and Gary Oak (far right, can’t see too well), by coincidence we all went to the Nintendo Wii-U launch together dressed in similar costumes except I wore the Zubat Dark Cave / Mount Moon costume to that and the guy dressed as Sora borrowed my Ash Costume and the guy dressed as Gary Oak came as Pit from Kid Icarus.


It actually turned out that I didn’t need a Pikachu doll anyway as there were a few people dressed as them there already.

Update: Since I posted this on Facebook some of my friends shared it to a bunch of other sites. Got a lot of views on Imgur, Reddit, DamnLOL and dozens of Facebook fan pages.

The original Reddit / Imgur post seems to be gone now (not really sure how those sites work) but the original post that someone from my Facebook posted it under was called “saw this on facebook made by friend” which wasn’t really the best title ever. It appears to have had 159,511 views according to what comes up in Google search (but the link doesn’t open). Here’s the original link in case it ever somehow works again but it probably won’t.

Memebase’s Facebook page got 1577 likes and 274 shares and has a link to but the link doesn’t work anymore.

Damn! LOL Facebook Page got 13371 likes and 1544 shares

“Hello, welcome to the Pokemon Centre” – *rapes A button* got 9048 likes and 951 shares

Stahp got  763 likes and 154 shares

Scott Pilgrim got 1099 likes and 152 shares

How I Met Your Mother Memes got 330 likes 17 shares

Badass Ed got 126 likes and 25 shares

“Dude I wasn’t drunk”. “Dude you used earthquake on Pidgeot” 919 likes 131 shares

4CHAN got 3703 likes and 586 shares

Team Rocket got 346 likes and 959 shares (wow? more shares than likes?)

Videogamemes got 7359 likes  and 830 shares on 10 March 2013

Mother of Mewtwo got 201 likes and 40 shares on 9 April 2013

RIP Limewire got 442 likes and 77 shares around 17 April 2013

Unfuckingbelievable got 3639 likes and 468 shares around 17 April 2013

I hate it when you’re with MC Hammer and he doesn’t let you touch anything. got 607 likes and 177 shares around 17 April 2013






Pokemon Halloween Costume – Zubat / Dark Cave

I thought I’d try and make the scariest possible costume for Halloween this year. Keep in mind that basically no one takes a Max Repel or Escape Rope with them to a Halloween party. So I bought 8 plush Zubat Pokemon dolls and sadly had to cut off all their tags and pinned them to my hooded jacket. The costume was far heavier than I had anticipated but people liked it and said it was very scary.

Zubat Costume Dark Cave Cosplay

I’d had this costume idea for months, I almost wore it to video game themed nightclub event but was worried drunk people might try and steal my Zubat dolls so I went as Ash instead. I might wear the Zubat costume to PAX Australia next year, but will not enter any cosplay competitions. Cosplay isn’t really my thing.

Slow Shutter Cam + InstaEffect FX app tutorial

Keith display photo

I currently have this as my display photo on Facebook. It is really tacky and pretentious, but people thought it was cool and had trouble reproducing the effect, so I’m making a tutorial I guess. I’ll explain the process of how I made the photo, but I would not recommend the exact same order I use, since I took the original photo sometime before I downloaded the final app used to make this photo and hadn’t originally intended for this photo to exist the way it does.

What you will need:
An Iphone 4 or newer (I used an iPhone 4S)
Slow Shutter Cam $.99
InstaEffect FX free
Instagram free

First I used Slow Shutter Cam which is one of my favourite iPhone camera apps, I fool around with this app a lot. It’s 99 cents, but totally worth it. Go download that now I guess and follow along.

Slow Shutter Settings

When you open the app it goes straight to the camera mode. I don’t know what the default settings are, but  here are the settings I settled on ages ago (I never adjust these anymore, I’m happy with them like this). To access the settings here click on the aperture logo (bottom left button) and change them to Automatic and 2 shutter speed. This means that once you click the camera/photo button (bottom centre) it will record frames for two seconds. I usually like to turn my head in photos to get some kind of moody album cover effect. I might post some other pictures like this that I’ve taken in another post later, cos there’s a lot of cool stuff you can try.  In the originally photo I was laying down looking up in my bed. I like doing that because it gives me a flat colour in the background, you can also do it against a wall or something.

adjust blur

Once you take your photos, you use the top slider to move between the start and end points and stop the slider on a position that looks cool, I also increased the exposure in the original photo to make my skin look clear and pale. Once you get the picture looking the way you want it to, click the save button on the bottom right.

I then posted the photo to Instagram. I’m not sure which effect I used but it might have been Hudson, though my favourite is Lo-fi. This step I’d suggest you do last instead.

Keith blur

Above is how it turned out. This is the photo I inserted into the next app that I used. InstaEffect FX by monkeyX crops the picture to a square for you anyway as it is meant to be used before Instagram, so just use first ok? Select your photo when the app opens and then you get to choose some effects for your photo. Press the button that says “Effects”


I used the middle effect on the second row. There are several pages of effects to choose form, but they get progressively worse. Also note there are ads in this free version of the app (which is what those “quest” and “battle” buttons are. Ignore those.


effect being used

Here was probably a good place to stop, but I also used the “DrawFX” button and drew a blue scribble on the picture


The blue I used is the default colour, I think I used the default size as well (you can choose colours and size at the bottom, slide across to access more colours) I kinda traced the shape of my head in the original pic, in the example above I just did a scribble.

After this I would then export the photo and put it on Instagram and then maybe add another filter and then post it on Facebook as your display photo. The slow shutter effect is kind of wasted on the final product, but  it’s what I used, I’m sure other apps will let you make the picture look over exposed as well, but that app is worth getting regardless. I hope this helps.

Borderlands 2 Midnight Launch at Werribee Plaza EB Games

Borderlands was one of the few games of this generation that I actually finished (well finished campaign once, didn’t finish 2nd play through).

I ordered the Loot Chest edition as soon as it was announced from the Swanston street EB Games as it is near my work and I assumed it would be the best place for me to pick it up from, since I was planning to be at work on the release date (and I was there that day).

Nearer to the release date it was announced that there would be midnight launches there and at my local Werribee Plaza  EB Games store. I wasn’t sure if I should switch my order to there or not but since I didn’t really want to be up past midnight on a work night I ended up just leaving it in the city (it was sold out and couldn’t get transferred anyway).

I rocked up to the Werribee store anyway just to see what the event was like and I was very impressed. I got there at around 10pm (it started at 9.30) They had the whole food court fenced off for us, there was loud music coming from a DJ on a stage. On the way into the food court I was given some free Borderlands 2 merch (a Borderlands 2 key ring and Borderlands 2 Top Trumps
card set) and a free taco and chips voucher from Salsa (Mexican chain that had just opened in the food court).

EB Games Werribee Plaza Borderlands Launch

I knew a lot of people there, said hi and chatted to people whilst they lined up to pay for their games (in order to claim a token to pick up their order quickly at 12.01). Above is the decorated entrance to the store and some people waiting in line. The line was pretty big, I never actually went inside since I wasn’t paying for my order since I was getting mine from Swanston street’s EB Games the next day.

razer werribee


Some people told me about additional free stuff to get my hands on. This included a free Razer drink bottle from a table promoting a new Razer gaming laptop (they let people try the new Borderlands 2 game there too).

Keith Borderlands 2 photo

I also got a photo of myself from a green screen both put into the head of the enemy guy from the front of game cover. I probably shouldn’t have smiled, whoops.


Borderlands launch nerf shooting

There was a a contest where you had 5 shots to hit various targets (or basically just aim for the 20 point one) to see if you could get at least 60 points in order to get a chance to win a prize pack. I didn’t see the prize pack but I think it involved a borderlands backpack. I did get 60 points but I’m assuming I didn’t win it since I wasn’t there when it was drawn.


a cardboard model of a claptrap from borderlands 2

Here is a picture of a Claptrap that the Werribee EB Games staff made. The JB HIFI at the Werribee Plaza have one too but this one is slightly better. He was positioned next to the DJ booth. The JB HIFI one was missing an arm when I saw it a few days ago. Poor guy.

borderlands 2 loot

Above is a photo of all the stuff I got, Razer drink bottle and catalog (never got to look in it, a friend used it to rest his greasy food on) Taco + chips voucher from Salsa Werribee Plaza, Borderlands 2 keyring and Top Trumps cards and my special photo thing. Overall pretty decent haul considering I didn’t even buy the game there.

EB games bag with Borderlands 2 loot chest in it

By the time I actually went to sleep that night, I probably could have just collected it from midnight there. Would have been way more convenient than trying to carry the giant box in its slightly too small shopping bag from Swanston Street all the way to Etihad Stadium where our car was parked.


Why are the marketing departments of some companies scared of Social Media?

I have volunteered on committees that my local council pay for at least 5 years now and the entire time, we have been asking for official Social Media presence for those organisations for that entire time. Myspace completely disappeared in that time and now Facebook is the biggest thing, but by the time they actually get around to approving anything people might not even be using that one anymore. I discuss how these sort of organisations could greatly benefit from social media sites / online advertising here.

It is a real shame that waste so much money on printed newsletters which I assume few people actually read. Similar budgets could be targeted to the correct people online. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel. I find out about nearly everything that interests me via Facebook or Twitter. I actually get annoyed whenever I get mail that isn’t a parcel from eBay or something. I don’t even open half things sent to me unless it’s something important like a phone bill.


I love that you can schedule posts for Facebook Pages now

I run a few Facebook Pages for myself as well as some of my clients. Having to actually be online at certain times to post things is really annoying. I am aware of third party tools that let you do that too, but I don’t really like it when Facebook indicates that this post has been posted via Hootsuite or whatever else.

Now you can actually schedule the posts in advance from within Facebook, I’m amazed they never did this sooner. It is pretty simple to do. I wrote a little article about it a while ago, you can find it here. It is great because some days I can get the rest of the week’s posts ready in one go. Sure I may have to jump on again later to post some other news as it occurs, but I’d usually log into each page a few times a week anyway, so that’s not a problem.

If every Pokemon looked like Wobbuffet

For some terrible nerdy reason back in 2008-2009 myself and some friends thought it would be fun to try and draw all the Pokemon with Wobbuffet’s face and sometimes its other features. I guess it was to do with how obnoxious it looked. We made a group on DeviantArt called Wobbupedia and then a Facebook group as well. So some of these pictures are not by me. You can see who did what by looking at those links. It looks like everyone left the Facebook group, that’s ok, we got bored of that project years ago. Below are are some of the best Pokemon with Wobbuffet features – Bidoof, Charmander, Clefairy, Cloyster, Diglett, Ditto, Electabuzz, Flareon, Gastly, Gengar, Gyarados, Gaunter, Igglybuff, Jigglypuff, Jynx, Koffing, Magikarp, Meowth, Metapod, Mr Mime, Oddish, Pichu, Pinsir, Piplup, Snorlax, Squirtle, Teddiursa, Tyranitar, Venonat and Weezing. If you look on the links above you will see some other ones, but these ones were the better ones.


Started playing Pokemon Leaf Green

I bought a used copy of Pokemon Leaf Green for Game Boy Advance not long ago and felt like playing it on the way to and from work. It took me a while to actually get the game working but once it did it gave me many hard choices. I guess the gender was easy enough, but my rival’s name and my starter Pokemon were such a hard choice I actually changed them both after I originally chose Charmander. I ended up choosing Bulbasaur but kind of regret it already. I wanted to make it easy for myself as I wasn’t sure if this version came with Caterpie easily obtainable or Weedle, but they are both quite common. I like to use Butterfree against the first two gyms and caves since Charmander isn’t great early on. Looks like I’ll have to catch a Vulpix later on instead. A Squirtle would have been nice to teach Surf to but since there are so many water Pokemon later in the game, I think I’ll have a good water Pokemon to teach it to by the time I actually get the HM for it.