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Pokemon Halloween Costume – Zubat / Dark Cave

I thought I’d try and make the scariest possible costume for Halloween this year. Keep in mind that basically no one takes a Max Repel or Escape Rope with them to a Halloween party. So I bought 8 plush Zubat Pokemon dolls and sadly had to cut off all their tags and pinned them to my hooded jacket. The costume was far heavier than I had anticipated but people liked it and said it was very scary.

Zubat Costume Dark Cave Cosplay

I’d had this costume idea for months, I almost wore it to video game themed nightclub event but was worried drunk people might try and steal my Zubat dolls so I went as Ash instead. I might wear the Zubat costume to PAX Australia next year, but will not enter any cosplay competitions. Cosplay isn’t really my thing.

4-packs of V cans – Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 limited edition

COD Modern Warfare 3 V cans 4-Pack

I have seen these 4-packs of limited edition V cans with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 imagery on them at EB Games stores before. I think they were given away with preorders of the game when it came out. You could also buy them separately. I had always intended on getting some to keep unopened as part of my ever growing collection of video game junk. This week happens to be Starlight week and all EB Games stores are taking donations towards the Starlight Children’s Foundation. At the EB Games on Swanston Street is giving these away free if you donate $5. It’s a great deal and a great cause. You can also get a slab for $25 (you get 6 of the 4-pack, so that’s a $5 saving). I’d have considered this but it is too hard for me to transport something like that home from the city. I may also have this problem if I end up attending their charity auction on Friday.

This isn’t the Xbox you’re looking for

This isn’t the Xbox you’re looking for.

I got the new Star Wars Xbox 360 the day it came out for much cheaper than I had expected. Pretty happy with that. I took this photo yesterday using some old Star Wars figure to loosely recreate the famous “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for” scene. Too bad I don’t have Luke’s landspeeder.

Fake Pokemon card

One of these cards is fake…

Context this photo was taken in:
Yesterday I went to Guf gaming lounge in Werribee to get some Pokemon cards and a kid had a bunch of his old cards with him and a few were fakes… One was super bad looking and someone peeled the front of it off and revealed this image of messed up version of the back of a card. This caused amusement etc. This photo was taken with instagram and has an effect on it so colours may not be acuarate.