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My TrainSEM article about Siri

Whilst in America for Pubcon Las Vegas 2011 I actually got to use my new iPhone 4S to its full potential and actually used Siri to get directions to places / find out where nearby stores were. It was pretty awesome. I hardly ever use Siri when in Australia, I’m looking forward to the update that allows us Australians to use Siri for actual useful things here instead of just asking it silly questions. Here is my article about Siri in regard to Google local search for TrainSEM.

Scribblenauts remix for iPhone

I downloaded this for about $5 on 12/10/11 from the iTunes store. It’s one of the few iPhone games I’ve bought all year for some reason, I have plenty of iTunes credit but my iPhone 3GS goes flat so quickly that I don’t really bother with games on it. Now however this is a game worth going flat for.

I really enjoyed the original Scribblenauts on Nintendo DS. When I got it I kept showing it to people, the amount of objects you could get was really cool. You could type in pretty much any noun and that object would appear and be usable to solve your problem.