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Mario Party 9 event at the Nintendo Experience Melbourne

On Saturday March 31st 2012 I went to the Mario Party 9 party at the Nintendo Experience above EB Games on Swanston Street Melbourne.


When we got there we had to sign up to play Mario Party 9 and were given these passes. I think the concept was to go to each station (5 or so) and play the mini games there and get a stamp when you were done. Get all stamps and you get a show bag. You also get a raffle ticket.

There was also free juice, coke, mario and luigi cupcakes etc. I hear the Luigi ones tasted better.



I spent the whole time playing Pokemon cards against little kids in a corner so I didn’t get a poster but scored some free promo Pokemon cards. The show bags had a sticker sheet, Mario Party 9 poster and a pencil case.

The raffle had about 30 winners and I had ticket 84, tickers 81,82,85 all won and the kid who came in before me (had met him previously) was raging hard. Most prizes were small promo items or things I already had but there were some cool travel coffee mugs but I didn’t win anything.

The winner got 7 wii games including Mario Party 9, Wii music, Animal Crossing, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, PokePark and some others.

Nintendo World Store New York – Pokemon Center

The bottom floor of the Nintendo World Store in New York is mostly Pokemon related items. Lots of Pokemon cards, plush toys etc. I bought a fair few cards here, they were much cheaper than elsewhere. I probably didn’t take enough photos down here compared to what I took up stairs. I will post pictures of upstairs later.

Here is a slightly blurry picture from above the Pokemon Center at the Nintendo World Store in New York. The shelves in the middle are all Pokemon Cards. Behind the counter they have the limited edition Pokemon Black and White DSi console bundles for about $180 USD each, they come with the corresponding game and a case. The back wall has DVDS and to the right you can see DS and Wii games ect. The wall on the left is mostly toys and shirts.

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Taking your Australian 3DS or DSi to America

Today I arrived in LA via Virgin Airlines, which was the best airline I’ve been on. Singapore Airlines is also good and Air New Zealand was cool too, but the thing that made this great for me was the USB charger next to the personal TV screens we had. I have used these sorts of media devices before but at the time their USB ports didn’t allow for power only data. I didn’t think to bring a USB stick of my own choice in videos but I managed to charge my iPhone, iPod and 3DS from it.

Taking my 3DS to America was an issue itself as last time I went there I was unable to charge it because of voltage issues. I had forgotten about this until the day before I left.

I had to buy a third party accessory pack in Melbourne to obtains a USB to 3DS/ DSi etc cable. It cost me $30 and came with heaps of other items I have little use for but it’s worth it. The plan was to use it with my iPod charger but the plane was a bonus.

If anyone else is planning to take their 3DS remember their charger will not work here without a converter (not an just an adapter) so the best thing to do is get a USB charger cable (I imagine they would be cheap on dealextreme.con) and organise it to arrive before you leave. Then use it with an iPhone or generic USB wall charger with an adapter (no converter needed) and you’re good to go!

Also remember that Australian and American 3DS games and consoles do not mix. I probably wouldn’t mix them anyway because I register my Australian Club Nintendo points cards. Most regular DS games work internationally unless they have DSi functionality.

Scribblenauts remix for iPhone

I downloaded this for about $5 on 12/10/11 from the iTunes store. It’s one of the few iPhone games I’ve bought all year for some reason, I have plenty of iTunes credit but my iPhone 3GS goes flat so quickly that I don’t really bother with games on it. Now however this is a game worth going flat for.

I really enjoyed the original Scribblenauts on Nintendo DS. When I got it I kept showing it to people, the amount of objects you could get was really cool. You could type in pretty much any noun and that object would appear and be usable to solve your problem.


This is why Mario wears a hat

I found this large claw machine Mario doll at an op shop today. I now understand why Mario wears a hat. I’m aware that the original pixel Mario had a hat because it was easier than animating his hair. And that he still had hair in Super Mario 64 in those sections where he loses his hat, though he was weaker without it, thus the need for it. But why does he continue to wear it in other games like Mario Tennis and Mario Golf? To cover his receding hairline. I guess he hasn’t aged well in the past 25 years. Surely he should be at least 50 by now.