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Preowned Video Games with custom cover art at JB HIFI Northland

I recently went to Northland Shopping Centre for the closing down sale of their Game Traders store. It was a really good shopping centre, I hadn’t been there before, it’s a shame the Game Traders is closing because I really like browsing those stores. At the JB HIFI there I noticed some unusual looking preowned games. I’m not sure if a staff member did this or someone traded them in like this. Either way I took a bunch of photos of the ones I had noticed. There may have been more but this is all that I found.

The Biggest Loser Wii game
This is the first game I saw, The Biggest Loser for Wii. The back of the package appears to say “Put your Wii Fit board to the test, and burn some pounds without some sadistic P.T. breathing down your neck. (Reducation of loneliness not included)”. It features the Forever Alone face on the front. It is quite eye catching and looks far better than the real cover art. At $12 it is far more likely to sell than a normal copy of the game.

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My Dick Smith clearance sale pickups

I lined up for 2 hours for the Dick Smith clearance sale at Point Cook Town Centre.

This is what I got

Mafia 2
Assassins Creed 2
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Super scribblenauts

There were no consoles and everyone was really annoyed. All the sale games were in just 1 bin which most of us who had got there first had walked past to get to the console areas etc. I had my heart set on some DSi and PSP consoles to keep sealed etc.

There was one staff member who we saw run off to the back carrying a blue DSi that he was buying himself and some women yelled at him. I don’t blame the staff for wanting all the goof stuff for themselves, as a lot of staff cleared out their stores yesterday I heard. It was bad for everyone who wasted their time though.

Nintendo World Store New York – Pokemon Center

The bottom floor of the Nintendo World Store in New York is mostly Pokemon related items. Lots of Pokemon cards, plush toys etc. I bought a fair few cards here, they were much cheaper than elsewhere. I probably didn’t take enough photos down here compared to what I took up stairs. I will post pictures of upstairs later.

Here is a slightly blurry picture from above the Pokemon Center at the Nintendo World Store in New York. The shelves in the middle are all Pokemon Cards. Behind the counter they have the limited edition Pokemon Black and White DSi console bundles for about $180 USD each, they come with the corresponding game and a case. The back wall has DVDS and to the right you can see DS and Wii games ect. The wall on the left is mostly toys and shirts.

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Resident Evil Archives and Gears of War 2 figures, Target gameboy advance, game & watch,

resident evil toys, gameboy advance and pocket, game & watch reproductionresident evil archive figures $15 each (these are normally about $30 each)
gears of war figure $15 (normally about $30)
gameboy pocket $5
red Target edition gba $38 posted from america
game and watch Ball Club Nintendo Japan exclusive $40ish
PS1 harry potter and croc 2 games $2 each
solitaire handheld game $1
putt putt lcd game 50 cents
nes games: battletoads, metroid and spy vs spy $7-10 each.
masters of the universe figure 50 cents

Yano, ps2, ps1 games, red dead revolver, atari lynx

yano, ps2, atari lynx and other items bought in Feb-March 2011these are some of my purchases from January and February 2011.

ps2 with random usb controller $25 at savers
Yano big furry robot toy $2
furby $2
random pokemon figures about $7 each at big w
orange GBA $23 from a friend who got it in china
black GBA $19 at cashies
Atari lynx set $40 inc postage i think from a member here, power point input point still works (my other ones are broken)
ps1 games about $5-10 each
kingdom hearts and red dead revolver ps2 $6 each
quantum leap book $2ish
plants vs zombies game of the year edition + peggle nights $8 and $13 each at EB games. had to return peggle for a new disc because the picture started flaking off :S
other ps2 games $3 each at op shop
Borderlands GOTYE new from EB for $38
doom 3 expansion and red dead revolver $6 each
mario kart lolly toy $2-3
donkey kong and dixie kong figures about $7 each
simpsons handheld game $3ish
donkey kong arcade replica $19 at Game Traders

Wavebird Gamecube Controllers and other Gamecube games + Mario Kart Toys

things i got in the mailFour parcels arrived for me on Friday July 17th. One containing four Gamecube games – Blood Omen 2, Die Hard Vendetta and Call of Duty Finest Hour, they cost me $45 total inc postage from a member of PALGN, I haven’t had much of a chance to play them but am aware they are fairly average games but I want to try and get all the Gamecube FPS games and I have most of them now.

The Wavebird controllers are wireless controllers for the Nintendo Gamecube, they use the little receivers below the Mario Kart toys to communicate with the Gamecube. I prefer using these to corded Gamecube controllers. My Wii is set up at my computer desk so when I have people over its really hard for us to play gamecube because the cords aren’t long enough. Using the Wavebirds it is much easier, however the Wavebird controllers do not feature rumble, which may be a problem in some games. I now have a total of 3 Wavebird controllers. I got these together for $60 inc postage.

The Mario Kart toys are of Wario and Mario, they were $15 inc postage from PALGN as well, I always wanted these when I was younger, I used to look at them at the shops a lot and now I finally own two of them. They are not complete but for $15 I can’t really complain. I’ll probably do a blog post about these later.

The VNV Nation Reformation 01 is reall good new release from one of my favourite bands, it has a disc of remixes from their two most recent albums, a live album and a concert DVD. I got htis off ebay for about $30 total. The first one never arrived so the seller sent me another one. Luckily the 2nd copy arrived. The first one still hasn’t turned up. I don’t have very high hopes of it but luckily the seller had more than 1 copy so they could replace it. I’d have had trouble getting a refund otherwise I reckon.

Final Fantasy 6, 7, 8, 9 awesome deal

Final Fantasy 6 7 8 9

Most of the Cash Converters stores I frequent have been pretty boring lately, haven’t picked up this many rare games cheap in ages (I think the last decent haul was Castlevania + Abe’s Oddysee for $8 each early this year and or Tomb Raider 1 and Legacy of Kain for $3 each from another store, though those aren’t as valuable.

Anyway today I got what is probably the best bargain I will ever get in terms of PS1 games, Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII and IX all for $10 each.

FFVI is a 2002 release that comes with the PS1 version of the 1994 SNES game + PS2 game demo of Final Fantasy X. A copy of this recently sold for $57 AUS + Postage, except it included the manual, mine is missing its manual.

FFVII is a platinum version that comes with all 4 discs (3 for the game, 1 is a demo of FF8) and the manual and appears to have been previously sold to an EB games store. The original version of this game has been selling for $70ish on Australian Ebay.

FFVIII is the original version of the game, comes with all 4 discs but is missing the manual, there is a big crack on the front and back of the case. This has been selling for $60-$90 on Australian Ebay lately.

FFIX is the original version of the game, comes with all 4 discs but is missing the manual as well. It has a small crack on the back and front of the case. This has been selling for $about $90 on ebay lately as well.

So overall this was a very good haul for me, four good quality games, which appear to be in reasonable conditon (a little scratched but hopefully play fine) for the price of one or less.

I’ve actually been watching a copy of FF7, platinum on ebay for the past few days which ends tonight, was going to bid on it if it was going cheap, but I guess I won’t have to now.

Big NES game collection + Power Glove + GB Micro & More!

this was like christmas to open

this was like christmas to open

This arrived for me in the mail yesterday. Ordered Equinox (SNES game), about 10 NES games + the Power Glove from a guy on PALGN last year. Most of them were either classics or games that were compatible with the light gun or Power Glove. I think I Paid around $100 AUS for the lot including postage. But then the guy disappeared for about 8 months and I couldn’t get hold of him. Then a week or two ago he contacted me and was very, very apologetic and had some sort of personal issues that distracted him from being able to send it. I was really amazed to hear back from him and had long since given up hope on receiving this.

Because he felt so bad about not replying to my emails / private messages and everything he sent me a bunch of awesome extras. such as Eternal Darkness on Gamecube (been after this game for a decent price for ages… and now I got it for free). Then he also gave me a sealed Gameboy Micro 20th anniversary limited edition version which he said he originally paid $120 for ages ago. This was great because this is the only model of gameboy I do not own other than the DSi. Being complete in box is awesome too because I’ve wanted to get a sealed console for a while and being a special edition is even better. Only problem is that I can’t actually play it because its in this box and I don’t want to ruin its collectors value by opening it. But maybe I’ll get another Gameboy Micro one day for playing with.

He also gave me another 20 or more NES games. Over 30 in total. A lot fo them are pretty average sounding titles but there’s some cool ones in there. Its good because I have a lot of the good games already and probably wouldn’t have come across the rest of these otehrwise.

He also gave me Super Mario World which I’d been after for ages (almost bought it ages ago but then put it back because I was’t sure if it was included in my Super Mario Allstars collection or not)

Wonderboy on Sega Master System

a few bootleg nes games

a NES and a SNES region converter so I can play NTSC games

Smash Hit Pak, Pele’s Soccer and Asteroids for Atari 2600

2 reproduced NES boxes (for Super Mario Bros + Duck Hunt and Mario + Duck Hunt + World Class Track Meet) and their manuals + a poster

here is the full list of NES games:

this looks like an ebay auction

this looks like an ebay auction

  • Mach Rider
  • Super Mario Bros + Duck Hunt + World Class Track Meet
  • Turbo Racing
  • Kid Icarus (for my friend who was getting this posted with me to save on postage, but has since sold his NES so he said I can keep it)
  • World Champ
  • Track & Field II (you can use the light gun for this I think)
  • Robo Warrior
  • Robocop 2
  • Lunar Pool
  • Sword Master
  • NES Open Tournament Golf
  • Power Blade
  • Arch Rivals
  • Iron Sword (Wizards and Warriors II)
  • Zelda II the Adventure of Link
  • Star Wars
  • T2 Terminator 2 Judgement Day
  • High Speed (Pinball by Rare)
  • Super Mario Bros 2 (I since bought this game elsewhere when I gave up hope)
  • Super Mario Bros 3 (I since bought this as well)
  • Super Mario Bros + Duck Hunt (Already had this, but I have a spare light gun so I I guess they can be a pare)
  • Punch Out
  • Solstice
  • Puznic
  • Digger T Rock
  • Burai Fighter
  • Rainbow Islands
  • To The Earth
  • Top Gun
  • Fighting Golf
  • Double Dragon III
  • R.C.Pro-AM
  • Chiller (HES game)
  • Batman II (NTSC bootleg)
  • SkyKid (NTSC bootleg)