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Shopping 26/6/09: Donkey Kong figure, Toad doll, DVDs, magazines etc.

Took my sister on an op shop adventure today. Here is what I ended up with:

retrogamer magazine, donkey kong figure, giant toad doll etc

Retrogamer magazine, Donkey Kong figure, giant Toad doll etc

Got bunch of dvds from Cash Converters, if you buy 3 you get 1 free. got Guest House Paradiso for a member of Palgn as part of a trade. The other movies I got weren’t amazing, but I’d wanted to see Talledega Nights because its produced by Judd Apatow and I like most movies he was involved with. I don’t think this movie was particularly great though. The Star Wars Clone Wars animated movie wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be which was cool, though I had pretty low expectations for it. The New Guy I’d seen before ages ago, but I was really scratching around the bottom of the barrel to find dvds to get in special deal.

issue 31 from September 2004 of PlayStation 2 Official Magazine – Australia. 50 cents at an op shop near the Werribee train station. It is

the Retro Gamer Magazine issue 63 was about $14  from local news agent (imported from the UK). I really like this magazine. I buy it every month and because its mostly about old stuff, it doesn’t matter that every issue is a few months old by the time I get it.

the Donkey Kong figure from the Super Mario Figure Collection was $15 from Kmart. I now have all these except for toad complete in box. I have one of each out of box as well. They used to be $20 each when they first came out but I waited a while and luckily they came down in price. The ones I have which are not in their boxes are the japanese versions that came in plastic bags, so I opened those ones instead as they don’t look very nice in the bags. The Donkey Kong figure is the hardest to find of this set. the toad and Luigi are the easiest to find.

The Giant Toad Doll was $2 from an op shop…  which was a pretty awesome find. These are usually found in claw machines/ skill testers at places like Galactic Circus at Crown Casino. From memory it costs more to play those claw machines than I bought this for! (I think it was like $3 a turn last time I tried) my sister spotted this right after I said that there was nothing good here. I now have four of this sized dolls, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and now Toad.

$18 worth of Sony mini DV tapes for uni

and a bag of wasabi peanuts for $2 from the Reject Shop, they were pretty bad. much prefer the ones that come in a tin. My friend who worked there said he would not have let me buy them if were working that day.

Shopping 11/06/09 Hanimex console, FC Mobile Gamecube, NES, SNES and Atari games

hanimex console fc mobile and gamecube and nes games

Hanimex console + 3 games + the FC Mobile (portable NES player) about $110 from trading forum as well as 2 n64 mem cards (thought i was getting official ones but they are not… hopefully they work ok)

Both of the console work well.

Tales of Symphonia for Gamecube $50 + free voodoo vince doll from PALGN, had to travel really far to get this. Played this game a LOT since I got it. Really cool RPG with interesting real time battle system.
ET for atari $8 (meant to be the worst game ever, many copies of this were destroyed because no one would buy it because it was so bad)
Mario Bros on atari $8 (i ordered it off ebay ages ago but it never arrived so i bought it again)
Pokemon Colluseum $15
Star Wars Rebel Strike $10
Mystical Ninja 2 $10 (bargain!)
Light up PS2 store display sign (bit wobbly but it works) $25 (pretty expensive but its not easy to find store display stuff)
also got these for $8
Super Star Wars on SNES with box, no manual
Zelda 2 with a case and manual
Duck Tales complete

and then also got a Madden football game for free from PALGN

Very expensive day.