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I didn’t choose the thug life – Ash from Pokemon

thug life ash meme

Today I saw this caption “I didn’t choose the thug life – The thug life said I choose you” and on another image and thought this picture of my Ash costume from a Nintendo / Video Game themed dress up night would suit it well. I am so ASHamed of myself for making this and posting it online. I originally posted this photo saying something about how I didn’t know which Pikachu to take, I ended up taking none of them because I didn’t want to carry it around all night / lose it.

Sora, Tingle, Ash, Gary Oak Cosplay



Here’s a pic of me with my friends dressed as Sora, Tingle and Gary Oak (far right, can’t see too well), by coincidence we all went to the Nintendo Wii-U launch together dressed in similar costumes except I wore the Zubat Dark Cave / Mount Moon costume to that and the guy dressed as Sora borrowed my Ash Costume and the guy dressed as Gary Oak came as Pit from Kid Icarus.


It actually turned out that I didn’t need a Pikachu doll anyway as there were a few people dressed as them there already.

Update: Since I posted this on Facebook some of my friends shared it to a bunch of other sites. Got a lot of views on Imgur, Reddit, DamnLOL and dozens of Facebook fan pages.

The original Reddit / Imgur post seems to be gone now (not really sure how those sites work) but the original post that someone from my Facebook posted it under was called “saw this on facebook made by friend” which wasn’t really the best title ever. It appears to have had 159,511 views according to what comes up in Google search (but the link doesn’t open). Here’s the original link in case it ever somehow works again but it probably won’t.

Memebase’s Facebook page got 1577 likes and 274 shares and has a link to but the link doesn’t work anymore.

Damn! LOL Facebook Page got 13371 likes and 1544 shares

“Hello, welcome to the Pokemon Centre” – *rapes A button* got 9048 likes and 951 shares

Stahp got  763 likes and 154 shares

Scott Pilgrim got 1099 likes and 152 shares

How I Met Your Mother Memes got 330 likes 17 shares

Badass Ed got 126 likes and 25 shares

“Dude I wasn’t drunk”. “Dude you used earthquake on Pidgeot” 919 likes 131 shares

4CHAN got 3703 likes and 586 shares

Team Rocket got 346 likes and 959 shares (wow? more shares than likes?)

Videogamemes got 7359 likes  and 830 shares on 10 March 2013

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RIP Limewire got 442 likes and 77 shares around 17 April 2013

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I hate it when you’re with MC Hammer and he doesn’t let you touch anything. got 607 likes and 177 shares around 17 April 2013






Pokemon Halloween Costume – Zubat / Dark Cave

I thought I’d try and make the scariest possible costume for Halloween this year. Keep in mind that basically no one takes a Max Repel or Escape Rope with them to a Halloween party. So I bought 8 plush Zubat Pokemon dolls and sadly had to cut off all their tags and pinned them to my hooded jacket. The costume was far heavier than I had anticipated but people liked it and said it was very scary.

Zubat Costume Dark Cave Cosplay

I’d had this costume idea for months, I almost wore it to video game themed nightclub event but was worried drunk people might try and steal my Zubat dolls so I went as Ash instead. I might wear the Zubat costume to PAX Australia next year, but will not enter any cosplay competitions. Cosplay isn’t really my thing.

If every Pokemon looked like Wobbuffet

For some terrible nerdy reason back in 2008-2009 myself and some friends thought it would be fun to try and draw all the Pokemon with Wobbuffet’s face and sometimes its other features. I guess it was to do with how obnoxious it looked. We made a group on DeviantArt called Wobbupedia and then a Facebook group as well. So some of these pictures are not by me. You can see who did what by looking at those links. It looks like everyone left the Facebook group, that’s ok, we got bored of that project years ago. Below are are some of the best Pokemon with Wobbuffet features – Bidoof, Charmander, Clefairy, Cloyster, Diglett, Ditto, Electabuzz, Flareon, Gastly, Gengar, Gyarados, Gaunter, Igglybuff, Jigglypuff, Jynx, Koffing, Magikarp, Meowth, Metapod, Mr Mime, Oddish, Pichu, Pinsir, Piplup, Snorlax, Squirtle, Teddiursa, Tyranitar, Venonat and Weezing. If you look on the links above you will see some other ones, but these ones were the better ones.


Started playing Pokemon Leaf Green

I bought a used copy of Pokemon Leaf Green for Game Boy Advance not long ago and felt like playing it on the way to and from work. It took me a while to actually get the game working but once it did it gave me many hard choices. I guess the gender was easy enough, but my rival’s name and my starter Pokemon were such a hard choice I actually changed them both after I originally chose Charmander. I ended up choosing Bulbasaur but kind of regret it already. I wanted to make it easy for myself as I wasn’t sure if this version came with Caterpie easily obtainable or Weedle, but they are both quite common. I like to use Butterfree against the first two gyms and caves since Charmander isn’t great early on. Looks like I’ll have to catch a Vulpix later on instead. A Squirtle would have been nice to teach Surf to but since there are so many water Pokemon later in the game, I think I’ll have a good water Pokemon to teach it to by the time I actually get the HM for it.

Pokemon Dark Explorers prerelease

Geelong deck came first out of about 12-15 it is professor juniper who is covered by a glare. Didn’t sort these out for the photo as I was in a hurry to get remove them from the sleeves for the Melbourne event. Best cards were Entei Ex, Chancey, Blissy, Umbreon and Torkoal and the trainers were good too.

Won all my rounds with this today, I think the other was easier to run, I didn’t get much draw power and relied on type advantage mostly. Excadrill and Kyogre Ex were my most useful. Plusle and Minun saved the day a few times too. Only got Aerodactyl out once the whole day using the stadium, had better luck with old amber yesterday. Very glad I put in excadrill, had better dark cards but figured the 3 most used types were dark, electric and colourless so I needed a high HP one that could do big damage.

Fake Pokemon card

One of these cards is fake…

Context this photo was taken in:
Yesterday I went to Guf gaming lounge in Werribee to get some Pokemon cards and a kid had a bunch of his old cards with him and a few were fakes… One was super bad looking and someone peeled the front of it off and revealed this image of messed up version of the back of a card. This caused amusement etc. This photo was taken with instagram and has an effect on it so colours may not be acuarate.