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Mario Party 9 event at the Nintendo Experience Melbourne

On Saturday March 31st 2012 I went to the Mario Party 9 party at the Nintendo Experience above EB Games on Swanston Street Melbourne.


When we got there we had to sign up to play Mario Party 9 and were given these passes. I think the concept was to go to each station (5 or so) and play the mini games there and get a stamp when you were done. Get all stamps and you get a show bag. You also get a raffle ticket.

There was also free juice, coke, mario and luigi cupcakes etc. I hear the Luigi ones tasted better.



I spent the whole time playing Pokemon cards against little kids in a corner so I didn’t get a poster but scored some free promo Pokemon cards. The show bags had a sticker sheet, Mario Party 9 poster and a pencil case.

The raffle had about 30 winners and I had ticket 84, tickers 81,82,85 all won and the kid who came in before me (had met him previously) was raging hard. Most prizes were small promo items or things I already had but there were some cool travel coffee mugs but I didn’t win anything.

The winner got 7 wii games including Mario Party 9, Wii music, Animal Crossing, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, PokePark and some others.

Final Fantasy 6, 7, 8, 9 awesome deal

Final Fantasy 6 7 8 9

Most of the Cash Converters stores I frequent have been pretty boring lately, haven’t picked up this many rare games cheap in ages (I think the last decent haul was Castlevania + Abe’s Oddysee for $8 each early this year and or Tomb Raider 1 and Legacy of Kain for $3 each from another store, though those aren’t as valuable.

Anyway today I got what is probably the best bargain I will ever get in terms of PS1 games, Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII and IX all for $10 each.

FFVI is a 2002 release that comes with the PS1 version of the 1994 SNES game + PS2 game demo of Final Fantasy X. A copy of this recently sold for $57 AUS + Postage, except it included the manual, mine is missing its manual.

FFVII is a platinum version that comes with all 4 discs (3 for the game, 1 is a demo of FF8) and the manual and appears to have been previously sold to an EB games store. The original version of this game has been selling for $70ish on Australian Ebay.

FFVIII is the original version of the game, comes with all 4 discs but is missing the manual, there is a big crack on the front and back of the case. This has been selling for $60-$90 on Australian Ebay lately.

FFIX is the original version of the game, comes with all 4 discs but is missing the manual as well. It has a small crack on the back and front of the case. This has been selling for $about $90 on ebay lately as well.

So overall this was a very good haul for me, four good quality games, which appear to be in reasonable conditon (a little scratched but hopefully play fine) for the price of one or less.

I’ve actually been watching a copy of FF7, platinum on ebay for the past few days which ends tonight, was going to bid on it if it was going cheap, but I guess I won’t have to now.