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Hallmark Pacman Arcade Christmas Decoration

I got this Pacman arcade machine model Christmas decoration at a Hallmark store around Christmas 2008 I think. It was half price but still quite expensive, I think it was originally $20-30 USD.

Americans seem to take their Christmas decorations pretty seriously with these very detailed types of fancy decorations. This lights up and makes Pacman sounds when the buttons on it are pressed. It takes 3 watch batteries which now seem to be flat.

I actually noticed a display of expensive Hallmark Christmas decorations here in Australia at a Target store around Christmas 2010, but no video game related ones, mostly Disney or something else that didn’t interest me.

Donkey Kong arcade model

I found this at the Highpoint Gametraders store. It took me a long time to decide if I wanted it or not as it was something that would have come in handy for a video I am slowly currently making. As it now turns out I will have to reshoot that part anyway so it will come in handy.

This model appears to be homemade by someone out of plywood and stickers. It is deceptively light. There is some pixelation on the graphics on the stickers but it looks cool anyway.

Yano, ps2, ps1 games, red dead revolver, atari lynx

yano, ps2, atari lynx and other items bought in Feb-March 2011these are some of my purchases from January and February 2011.

ps2 with random usb controller $25 at savers
Yano big furry robot toy $2
furby $2
random pokemon figures about $7 each at big w
orange GBA $23 from a friend who got it in china
black GBA $19 at cashies
Atari lynx set $40 inc postage i think from a member here, power point input point still works (my other ones are broken)
ps1 games about $5-10 each
kingdom hearts and red dead revolver ps2 $6 each
quantum leap book $2ish
plants vs zombies game of the year edition + peggle nights $8 and $13 each at EB games. had to return peggle for a new disc because the picture started flaking off :S
other ps2 games $3 each at op shop
Borderlands GOTYE new from EB for $38
doom 3 expansion and red dead revolver $6 each
mario kart lolly toy $2-3
donkey kong and dixie kong figures about $7 each
simpsons handheld game $3ish
donkey kong arcade replica $19 at Game Traders