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Fake Spiderman Race Car

I never followed spiderman too closely but I doubt he has any need for a race car in the city. He seems to move around from block to block way faster than he would in traffic.

This car promises “super sense of resembling real car” which I suppose it achieves. It is indeed the shape of a car but doubt any car would have “Spiderman II” and “powerful” written on the side of it. What happened to the original Spiderman? Did someone get bitten by a spider AND a car and transform into this? I don’t think anyone can tell for certain.

Bootleg Superman, Batman and Spiderman triple pack

For a long time I have noticed some pretty horrible Asian bootleg toy around and have started to post them on my Facebook page and I’m getting a lot of feedback on there, but rather than flooding the news feed on
there i’m going to post them on here now instead. For some reason Spiderman seems to be the most bootlegged toy for boys on the market. Most fake spiderman toys do not even make sense. This set here for example makes no sense by mixing Marvel and DC characters and also has Zorro on there for some reason. The picture at the bottom shows them all on bikes instead of just Batman. Also the black symbiotic version of Spiderman does not seem to be coloured correctly.