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Donkey Kong arcade model

I found this at the Highpoint Gametraders store. It took me a long time to decide if I wanted it or not as it was something that would have come in handy for a video I am slowly currently making. As it now turns out I will have to reshoot that part anyway so it will come in handy.

This model appears to be homemade by someone out of plywood and stickers. It is deceptively light. There is some pixelation on the graphics on the stickers but it looks cool anyway.

Yano, ps2, ps1 games, red dead revolver, atari lynx

yano, ps2, atari lynx and other items bought in Feb-March 2011these are some of my purchases from January and February 2011.

ps2 with random usb controller $25 at savers
Yano big furry robot toy $2
furby $2
random pokemon figures about $7 each at big w
orange GBA $23 from a friend who got it in china
black GBA $19 at cashies
Atari lynx set $40 inc postage i think from a member here, power point input point still works (my other ones are broken)
ps1 games about $5-10 each
kingdom hearts and red dead revolver ps2 $6 each
quantum leap book $2ish
plants vs zombies game of the year edition + peggle nights $8 and $13 each at EB games. had to return peggle for a new disc because the picture started flaking off :S
other ps2 games $3 each at op shop
Borderlands GOTYE new from EB for $38
doom 3 expansion and red dead revolver $6 each
mario kart lolly toy $2-3
donkey kong and dixie kong figures about $7 each
simpsons handheld game $3ish
donkey kong arcade replica $19 at Game Traders

Topps 1982 Donkey Kong Cards, Stickers and Gum

Topps 1982 Donkey Kong Cards, Stickers and Gum

Bought these just outside Disneyland California in a collectables store. Can’t think of the price off the top of my head probably about $3-5 USD each. Bought 5 packets but didn’t open any. As they say they contain 3 Rub-Off Cards, 3 Stickers and 1 Stick of Bubble Gum. As I haven’t opened mine I haven’t seen what they look like inside, but some quick googling gave me this: https://www.atari2600.com/cat–Video-Game-Memorabilia–SUB120.html so those look pretty cool, it a random scratchie version of the arcade game, guessing you have to take the right path without hitting an obstacle.

I have feeling the gum inside them would be pretty horrible by now I’m not sure what it was meant to be shaped like but it seems to be all broken up inside the packets. I don’t think they were like that when I got them but it doesn’t really matter.

Super Mario 3D Gummy Candies

Super Mario 3D Gummy Candies

I got these at a lolly shop in Monterey in California on my family holiday over christmas 08.

They are made by Au’some and look really, really nice to eat. I bought two packets with the intention of eating one them but I can’t bring myself to do it. These come with a card of some sort, you can just see it through the clear panel behind the mario lolly.

The characters are Diddy Kong, Mario, Yoshi and Donkey Kong… as seen on the box, these pretty much speak for themselves.They’re from 2007 and don’t seem to have an expiration date on them so I don’t think I’ll ever eat them. It is also good to know that they were made responsibly in China.

Found a good site here with lots of other Nintendo candies in it including a variation of these. Will take photos of more of my Nintendo / Video Game candies and post them soon and might forward them to this person’s site


They remind me of an old Simpsons episode…

Mario Kart Wii pullback toys by Furuta

note the hole in the front of the box

note the hole in the front of the box

I bought these a while back and they are my favourite Mario Kart toys so far. They are from Japan are packaged with a lolly. I find it amusing that it comes with an expiration date on it for the little lolly that comes with them.

When these are for sale, they come in a tray that holds 1 of each character so if you ever see these for sale in a shop, they probably have the whole set (or did originally).

You can tell which character is which by looking through the hole in the front of the box which shows a card covered in numbers, you then look at the back of the box and see which character the number matches with.

These cost me $12 each which was about the price they would have cost on ebay at the time. Pretty expensive set, but nicer than the dozens of Mario Kart DS toys.

If you buy these and want to keep the boxes like I did, open them from the bottom instead of tearing the tab on the top of the box. This way it will still look unopened. I opened one of them from the top and it looks really bad now. The rest all look fine.

On ebay there are similar looking sets to this which are really cheap but they are much smaller and not as nice and come with more characters than in this set.

they look good on the Mario Kart DS race speed race set

they look good on the Mario Kart DS race speed race set

Mario Party water games – Mario Bros and Donkey Kong

Mario Party water toys front of packaging

I bought this set for $5.95 USD at a shop called Puzzle Zoo on my family holiday to America over christmas 08.

These water games are made by the Tara Toy Corporation in 2006 and are officially licensed by Nintendo.

The set comes with 2 of each game, one with Mario themed pictures and another with pictures based on the original Donkey Kong arcade game.

These are meant for being given as prizes to children at birthday parties I guess. But instead they shall sit in my cabinet unopened.

Judging from the back it looks like there are also key chains and pinball games in this toy series. I didn’t see any of these there for sale, but this shop had a few other cool Mario Kart toys and whatnot.

mario party water games back

Super Mario Figure Collection (Donkey Kong)

Donkey Kong Figure Collection

I like the Popco/Ban Presto 5 inch “Super Mario Figure Collection” figures, It has been a pretty long time since Nintendo have had a proper action figure series available at regular retails stores.

When they first came out in Australia (stamped as Nintendo BP. 2008 China) they cost $19.95 at Kmart stores and I think Gametraders stores were either the same or a bit more I didn’t bother getting them as I knew I could get the Japanese Ban Presto Prize Collection versions cheaper on ebay / private forums / anime stores. So I bought some off a Palgn forum member for a price similar to Ebay’s sets and the rest from a shop in Melbourne. But then Kmart reduced the set to $15 each so I bought a Mario, Luigi and Yoshi a while ago (they had lots of Luigi and Toads left over, but no Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong has been pretty hard to get, I noticed this ages ago and considered buying one for full price one of the few times I saw one for sale, but didn’t. Anyway I finally got one for $15 and now I’m just waiting to get a Toad (which won’t be too hard, just waiting to see if there’s a further price drop or toy sale coming up).

My older figure is actually in pretty bad shape, it came with its plastic bag sort of broken and its face looks a bit squashed and there is red paint on it from his tie that makes him look injured. This is a bit of a problem for the Japanese figures, I’ve seen others in shops that look a bit squashed. I think my pink Yoshi figure is a bit squashed too actually.

face is a bit caved in

face is a bit caved in

Shopping 26/6/09: Donkey Kong figure, Toad doll, DVDs, magazines etc.

Took my sister on an op shop adventure today. Here is what I ended up with:

retrogamer magazine, donkey kong figure, giant toad doll etc

Retrogamer magazine, Donkey Kong figure, giant Toad doll etc

Got bunch of dvds from Cash Converters, if you buy 3 you get 1 free. got Guest House Paradiso for a member of Palgn as part of a trade. The other movies I got weren’t amazing, but I’d wanted to see Talledega Nights because its produced by Judd Apatow and I like most movies he was involved with. I don’t think this movie was particularly great though. The Star Wars Clone Wars animated movie wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be which was cool, though I had pretty low expectations for it. The New Guy I’d seen before ages ago, but I was really scratching around the bottom of the barrel to find dvds to get in special deal.

issue 31 from September 2004 of PlayStation 2 Official Magazine – Australia. 50 cents at an op shop near the Werribee train station. It is

the Retro Gamer Magazine issue 63 was about $14  from local news agent (imported from the UK). I really like this magazine. I buy it every month and because its mostly about old stuff, it doesn’t matter that every issue is a few months old by the time I get it.

the Donkey Kong figure from the Super Mario Figure Collection was $15 from Kmart. I now have all these except for toad complete in box. I have one of each out of box as well. They used to be $20 each when they first came out but I waited a while and luckily they came down in price. The ones I have which are not in their boxes are the japanese versions that came in plastic bags, so I opened those ones instead as they don’t look very nice in the bags. The Donkey Kong figure is the hardest to find of this set. the toad and Luigi are the easiest to find.

The Giant Toad Doll was $2 from an op shop…  which was a pretty awesome find. These are usually found in claw machines/ skill testers at places like Galactic Circus at Crown Casino. From memory it costs more to play those claw machines than I bought this for! (I think it was like $3 a turn last time I tried) my sister spotted this right after I said that there was nothing good here. I now have four of this sized dolls, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and now Toad.

$18 worth of Sony mini DV tapes for uni

and a bag of wasabi peanuts for $2 from the Reject Shop, they were pretty bad. much prefer the ones that come in a tin. My friend who worked there said he would not have let me buy them if were working that day.