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Creepy Mario Brick Bear

I bought this a few years ago in a clothing store. I think it was a smaller store attached to Episode on Sydney road. I think it cost between $12-15 but was most definitely worth it.

A picture of this monstrosity has been my avatar on palgn ever since. For some reason you can buy hundreds of figures in this shape that are painted with different colours and patterns and some are designed to resemble copyrighted characters. I believe they are known as brick bears. Probably because when you see them you want to smash them to pieces with a brick. I might be wrong though.

Mario Candy Container by Au’Some

Mario Candy ContainerI got these in America at the same shop I got the gummy candy from. They were probably about $6-7 USD. Basically just Mario / Fire Mario standing on barrels that are full of generic lollies. The arms and head are posable. 3 points of articulation here. The pain job is a little bit blotchy and cheap looking. I think i remember the total of these and the gummies were about $20 usd. which was rather shameful. These toys are similar to the the ones by Popco/Ban Presto but a little smaller and made of cheaper plastic rather than vinyl.