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Mario Party 9 event at the Nintendo Experience Melbourne

On Saturday March 31st 2012 I went to the Mario Party 9 party at the Nintendo Experience above EB Games on Swanston Street Melbourne.


When we got there we had to sign up to play Mario Party 9 and were given these passes. I think the concept was to go to each station (5 or so) and play the mini games there and get a stamp when you were done. Get all stamps and you get a show bag. You also get a raffle ticket.

There was also free juice, coke, mario and luigi cupcakes etc. I hear the Luigi ones tasted better.



I spent the whole time playing Pokemon cards against little kids in a corner so I didn’t get a poster but scored some free promo Pokemon cards. The show bags had a sticker sheet, Mario Party 9 poster and a pencil case.

The raffle had about 30 winners and I had ticket 84, tickers 81,82,85 all won and the kid who came in before me (had met him previously) was raging hard. Most prizes were small promo items or things I already had but there were some cool travel coffee mugs but I didn’t win anything.

The winner got 7 wii games including Mario Party 9, Wii music, Animal Crossing, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, PokePark and some others.

Super Mario Snerdles

What are Snerdles? No one knows for sure but according to the packet they are “candied fruit strips” with Mario related images on them made with hundreds & thousands. I’m sure they taste great but I’m not sure because I don’t really open the packets of things like these because otherwise the empty packets would look silly in my collection.

The ? Block has way more Snerdles in it than the little 3 packs. The 3 packs come with different images on them depending on which packet you grab, you can see more images on the ? Block packaging.

This is why Mario wears a hat

I found this large claw machine Mario doll at an op shop today. I now understand why Mario wears a hat. I’m aware that the original pixel Mario had a hat because it was easier than animating his hair. And that he still had hair in Super Mario 64 in those sections where he loses his hat, though he was weaker without it, thus the need for it. But why does he continue to wear it in other games like Mario Tennis and Mario Golf? To cover his receding hairline. I guess he hasn’t aged well in the past 25 years. Surely he should be at least 50 by now.

Creepy Mario Brick Bear

I bought this a few years ago in a clothing store. I think it was a smaller store attached to Episode on Sydney road. I think it cost between $12-15 but was most definitely worth it.

A picture of this monstrosity has been my avatar on palgn ever since. For some reason you can buy hundreds of figures in this shape that are painted with different colours and patterns and some are designed to resemble copyrighted characters. I believe they are known as brick bears. Probably because when you see them you want to smash them to pieces with a brick. I might be wrong though.

Super Mario 64 Character Pops from 1998

front / back

front / back of packaging

I must have got this between 1998 and 2000 (judging by the expiration date of 30-11-2000 on the packaging) and the date of the copyright. For some reason I kept the packaging and found it a while ago. I had the “Yoshi Apple” flavour and it was quite good from memory. The other varieties are “Mario Strawberry”, “Diddy Kong Cola”, “Donkey Kong Melon” and “Bowser Blackcurrant”.

These are a kind of ringpop that you could attach to your finger like a ring and have the candy Mario body stick out like a giant ediable jewel. Despite the names of the flavours they were each shaped like Mario but were coloured to match the colours shown on the back of the packaging.

These were made/ distributed by Kids Korner Productions in Australia and are a “product of Malaysia, Australia and USA”

Mario Candy Container by Au’Some

Mario Candy ContainerI got these in America at the same shop I got the gummy candy from. They were probably about $6-7 USD. Basically just Mario / Fire Mario standing on barrels that are full of generic lollies. The arms and head are posable. 3 points of articulation here. The pain job is a little bit blotchy and cheap looking. I think i remember the total of these and the gummies were about $20 usd. which was rather shameful. These toys are similar to the the ones by Popco/Ban Presto but a little smaller and made of cheaper plastic rather than vinyl.

Super Mario 3D Gummy Candies

Super Mario 3D Gummy Candies

I got these at a lolly shop in Monterey in California on my family holiday over christmas 08.

They are made by Au’some and look really, really nice to eat. I bought two packets with the intention of eating one them but I can’t bring myself to do it. These come with a card of some sort, you can just see it through the clear panel behind the mario lolly.

The characters are Diddy Kong, Mario, Yoshi and Donkey Kong… as seen on the box, these pretty much speak for themselves.They’re from 2007 and don’t seem to have an expiration date on them so I don’t think I’ll ever eat them. It is also good to know that they were made responsibly in China.

Found a good site here with lots of other Nintendo candies in it including a variation of these. Will take photos of more of my Nintendo / Video Game candies and post them soon and might forward them to this person’s site


They remind me of an old Simpsons episode…

Mario Kart Wii pullback toys by Furuta

note the hole in the front of the box

note the hole in the front of the box

I bought these a while back and they are my favourite Mario Kart toys so far. They are from Japan are packaged with a lolly. I find it amusing that it comes with an expiration date on it for the little lolly that comes with them.

When these are for sale, they come in a tray that holds 1 of each character so if you ever see these for sale in a shop, they probably have the whole set (or did originally).

You can tell which character is which by looking through the hole in the front of the box which shows a card covered in numbers, you then look at the back of the box and see which character the number matches with.

These cost me $12 each which was about the price they would have cost on ebay at the time. Pretty expensive set, but nicer than the dozens of Mario Kart DS toys.

If you buy these and want to keep the boxes like I did, open them from the bottom instead of tearing the tab on the top of the box. This way it will still look unopened. I opened one of them from the top and it looks really bad now. The rest all look fine.

On ebay there are similar looking sets to this which are really cheap but they are much smaller and not as nice and come with more characters than in this set.

they look good on the Mario Kart DS race speed race set

they look good on the Mario Kart DS race speed race set