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Started playing Pokemon Leaf Green

I bought a used copy of Pokemon Leaf Green for Game Boy Advance not long ago and felt like playing it on the way to and from work. It took me a while to actually get the game working but once it did it gave me many hard choices. I guess the gender was easy enough, but my rival’s name and my starter Pokemon were such a hard choice I actually changed them both after I originally chose Charmander. I ended up choosing Bulbasaur but kind of regret it already. I wanted to make it easy for myself as I wasn’t sure if this version came with Caterpie easily obtainable or Weedle, but they are both quite common. I like to use Butterfree against the first two gyms and caves since Charmander isn’t great early on. Looks like I’ll have to catch a Vulpix later on instead. A Squirtle would have been nice to teach Surf to but since there are so many water Pokemon later in the game, I think I’ll have a good water Pokemon to teach it to by the time I actually get the HM for it.