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Musical Spiderman Mobile Phone

Here is $2 toy Spiderman mobile phone which I didn’t buy. However compared to some of the other fake Spiderman rubbish I have seen so far this at least has some use, you could buy it and put it straight in the bin and put the batteries in your gameboy or wireless controller. However I bet those batteries suck as well, so your money would be better spent going towards some rechargeable.

It’s been a long time since I’ve looked at crappy Asian children’s toys (up close anyway) but I’m impressed that they stopped selling toy phones that look like those giant brick ones with the massive antennas that I recall from the early 90s. Or even phone that look like the early Nokia mobiles of the late 90s with the smaller antenna that stuck out the top… Or the later flip phones… This actually looks like what most modern non-touch screen phones look like.

I actually wonder what sort of fun kids could possibly have in the future when iPhone shaped toy phones with no buttons come out. It’ll make the random silly sounds these things usually make seem quite disappointing.

These probably disappoint kids anyway, surely there is nothing intentionally “funny” about this as suggested on the box.