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Keith’s Guest List Music Video

This was filmed around May 2010, and i was going to extend the song and extend the video but it never happened. I made this at the peak of my notorious Facebook spamming / marketing experimentation. For some reason I decided to take guest list spam to the obvious next step in obnoxiousness and start spamming peoples ears instead of just their eyes so I decided to make a rap video. The song is probably more nu-metal than rap but that’s ok since I don’t know anything about rap anyway. The song was recorded by Luke Graham and features the voices of Keith, Luke and Bethany. It was filmed by Chris Malone and Loren Cristofoli and Keith. It also features the Keith’s Guest List Dancers. So uhh take a look at the video and if you have a youtube account why not subscribe to me (I will probably make a few more music videos, but not related to POW! Fridays in the future).

if you have any comments or have ¬†youtube account, could you please click http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTXcymybNHE and press leave your comments there and press the “subscribe” button.

POW game


this is a flash game i made for one of my classes at uni, just a simple interactivity project, does not have much entertainment value but was much more complicated than what other people were making.
ok, title screen text is screwed, not sure if i’ll be able to find the time to fix that uni because the source file died so i’d have to redo a bunch of it if i were to fix that mistake, would take a while.

SCROLL ON YOUR MOUSE TO READ THE REST OF THE TEXT ON THE MAIN PAGE (press on Gaz the gorilla to start) and click on people to harass them into giving you free goon.