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Super Mario 64 Character Pops from 1998

front / back

front / back of packaging

I must have got this between 1998 and 2000 (judging by the expiration date of 30-11-2000 on the packaging) and the date of the copyright. For some reason I kept the packaging and found it a while ago. I had the “Yoshi Apple” flavour and it was quite good from memory. The other varieties are “Mario Strawberry”, “Diddy Kong Cola”, “Donkey Kong Melon” and “Bowser Blackcurrant”.

These are a kind of ringpop that you could attach to your finger like a ring and have the candy Mario body stick out like a giant ediable jewel. Despite the names of the flavours they were each shaped like Mario but were coloured to match the colours shown on the back of the packaging.

These were made/ distributed by Kids Korner Productions in Australia and are a “product of Malaysia, Australia and USA”