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Ugly fake Spiderman keyring

I found this in an Asian gift shop in footscray. A container full of little spiderman keyrings. I couldn’t tell if they were meant to be bought as a set or individually as they were in sealed packaging, but who would want 20 or so fake spiderman keyrings? Who would want even 1? I’m actually impressed that they went to the effort to make different sculpts. They may all actually be different which is another factor as to why I can’t tell if it’s 1 set or separate toys. Like most Spiderman and other super hero related toys, the ratio of the same hero to villain figure here is pretty bad.

I never really understood why people would want 10 different versions of the same character when they only have 2 different enemies to fight.

Anyways the real centerpiece of this post is to highlight how horrifying the one without a mask is. Like really is that even mean to look like Peter Parker at all? It certainly doesn’t look like Toby McGuire, which is the person you’d expect it to look like since the Green Goblin figure is based on the movie version. This looks like a creepy old man. If someone bought me this as a kid it would probably make me hate Spiderman and hate whoever bought it for me.